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At BITmarketing we only recommend to our clients those web marketing services which suit their needs. Before making a proposal, we evaluate variables like the target public, action radius, client philosophy, capacity to absorb a major increase in the demand for your products etc.

For a client who could benefit from all our services in its website marketing our proposal would be as follows:


  • In line with the target country, we will turn to different search engines for the internationalization of your website. In the West Google has a higher market share, whilst there are countries preferring Yahoo! (like Japan) or national search engines (Baidu, Yandex...).
  • For projects in Spain we will basically focus on Google.
  • Initial analysis of web usability with a view to detecting browsing errors which may limit your sales.
  • SEO optimisation (natural positioning) as regards all client products. We do not limit our projects by keywords, we optimize to the maximum possible number of them.
  • Concurrently, we would carry out campaigns for sponsored links on AdWords or other PPC networks. When we attain good natural positions, we will limit the investment.
  • We would work towards appearing in the first results of Google Maps. We will position amongst the first natural results for local searches.
  • Web analytics and user behaviour: Constant measurement of sales and ROI using Google Analytics.
  • Advertising campaigns and positioning of videos on YouTube. Creation of videos and correct dissemination to create a viral marketing effect.
  • Website 2.0 Optimisation. Creation of part of the website editable by users and subsequent optimisation of part 2.0 of the website.
  • Online reputation management of the company and Social media marketing actions on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Advertising on Mobiles. Digital marketing so that businesses like hotels, restaurants etc. appear in the local search results.




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